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The latest news about OX Engineered Products.

Bolstering OSB Installations with isoRED CI


For exteriors, OX took this popular material and combined it with other necessary building control layers, including continuous insulation and air and water barriers. These innovative solutions are ThermoPLY and OX-IS, integrated 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 solutions, respectively.

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The Polyiso Promise


Occupant health is priority number one. But how can builders use innovative insulation solutions to save on costs, build more efficiently, and meet the evolving energy codes designed to create a more sustainable built environment?

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The Great Debate: Polyiso vs. Graphite Polystyrene


When someone says “insulation,” most people think of big, thick batts that fill the void between studs in walls and floors. However, product innovations in insulation, such as rigid foam board, are encouraging builders everywhere to incorporate them into their projects.

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Leaning into Labor Savings: High-Performance Integrated Products


For the construction industry, the quantity of available jobs is not an issue. Finding qualified workers, however, is becoming increasingly problematic. According to a spring 2023 report from the U.S. Labor Department, the number of construction job openings increased by 129,000 in February, but hiring decreased by 18,000. There is a significant gap that needs to be filled.

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Changing Energy Codes: Adapting in Advance of Inevitable Mandates


For homebuilders and their approach to their trade, one thing is certain: Change is a constant. Becoming more commonplace are governmental adaptations to improving codes that align with international energy alliances and an overall push for a more sustainable building approach.

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OX Optimizes Durability, Efficiency for Home Construction with Launch of New Technology at 2023 International Builders’ Show


"At OX, we put a premium on innovation – from the durability and reliability our products offer to the efficiencies they generate during the construction process"

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OX Introduces Three New Seam Tapes, Ensuring Ultimate Seal for Multiple OX Products


"These three new tape products give builders more options when sealing the seams of OX’s interior- and exterior-facing products, all while meeting or exceeding most building code requirements," added Gluski. isoRed GF, isoRED WF, and Titan seam tapes are all currently available to customers.

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Think Big: Making a Difference in Multifamily


Low- to mid-rise multifamily residential construction projects present a unique set of challenges based on sheer size alone. Consider the exterior of these structures: More materials are needed to frame and wrap the building, contractors need more hands on deck, and project timelines naturally run longer. 

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