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The latest news about OX Engineered Products.

Ox Launches Commercial Foil Faced Seam Tape


Ox Foil Faced Commercial Seam Tape is now available for use on select Ox Building products. Ox commercial seam tape is a foil faced seam tape, designed for use as a closure system and vapor seal on Ox exterior sheathing products like Ox Strong-R and ISO Red Max. Ox Commercial Seam Tape exceeds most building […]

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Ox Engineered Products Response to the APA November 2019 Product Advisory


Background: On November 22, 2019 the APA (American Plywood Association) published a “Product Advisory: Performance of Flexible Structural Sheathing” in their November APA Update eNewsletter. In this Product Advisory they attack the structural sheathing products industry. Prior to this APA advisory, SP-1172, which has essentially identical information, was published in October of 2015 and then […]

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One project engineer met the challenge of a remote jobsite by rethinking the materials. As winter creeps closer and Telluride, Colorado, gears up for a 2019-2020 season of a predicted 371” of snowfall, contractors at Chandler Homes are relieved not to have the impossible burden of packing the ski lift gondolas full of building products […]

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Thermo Ply Now Backed By a 30 Year Limited System Warranty


Our ThermoPly structural sheathing is now backed by a 30-year Limited System Warranty. ThermoPly is a stable priced, lightweight alternative to OSB, which provides the builder with same structural shear values as a 7/16″ sheet of OSB or Plywood. With a built in water and air barrier it only takes one trip around the house […]

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Architect Magazine Features OX-IS in 3 Reasons to Explore Continuous Insulation


3 Reasons to Explore Continuous Insulation It’s time this under-loved energy-saving wonder received the credit it deserves. Is it a silver bullet in cutting home energy costs? It comes close if it isn’t. Just consider all the ways this sometimes shunned and overlooked building component is changing home design and construction. For example: Chapter 4 […]

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Builder Magazine Features OX-IS as a Solution to 2×6 Constrution


2X4 FRAMING, 2.0 Who needs 2x6s? It’s easier than ever to meet energy code with 2×4 construction. To paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of the death of 2×4 exterior wall construction are greatly exaggerated. In fact, the outlook for 2×4 residential construction has never been brighter in spite of tough R-20 exterior wall code standards. That’s […]

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OX-IS Now Backed By A 30-Year Limited System Warranty


Our OX-IS structural insulation is now backed by a 30-year Limited System Warranty. The structural insulated sheathing system on your building can significantly impact energy efficiency, comfort and all around building quality. Our 4-in-1 OX-IS product, is built to protect your home from the elements while keeping the comfort and savings in. In order to comply […]

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Ox Seam Tape Now Available


Ox Seam Tape is now available for use on select Ox Building products. Ox seam tape is hand tearable seam tape, coated with a highly aggressive acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) designed for use a a closure system and vapor seal on all interior and exterior sheathing materials. Ox Seam Tape exceeds most building code […]

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New Product Offerings are now available for OX-IS™ Insulated Sheathing


In order to better serve our customers we are proud to announce some new offerings in our OX-IS product line. In listening to feedback from our customers it became clear that additional Shear Strength and increased R-Values would help our builders, architects and contractors meet or exceed today’s demanding building codes. Our new product offerings […]

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Builder Magazine Builder Intel Article


THE TRIP NO HOME BUILDER WANTS TO TAKE Who says building a tight, code-compliant home requires multiple passes around the house? One less trip around the house. What would it mean to cut an entire step out of exterior wall construction? A full day saved? Two days? More? Cutting project timelines is critical to sales […]

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