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Ox Launches New OX-IS Insulated Sheathing Video

Ox recently released a new instructional video that highlights the features and benefits or our OX-IS insulated sheathing product for builders and home owners. OX-IS allows builders to save time and money on the job site, while creating a simple path to meeting demanding continuous insulation energy codes.

Click Here to watch the video in its entirety on the Ox Engineered Products YouTube channel.


Ox Launches Commercial Foil Faced Seam Tape

Ox Foil Faced Commercial Seam Tape is now available for use on select Ox Building products. Ox commercial seam tape is a foil faced seam tape, designed for use as a closure system and vapor seal on Ox exterior sheathing products like Ox Strong-R and ISO Red Max. Ox Commercial Seam Tape exceeds most building code requirements and can be used for new construction as well as repair on most vapor barrier materials. Ox Commercial Seam Tape is available in 2 7/8″ x 150′ rolls.

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Ox Engineered Products Response to the APA November 2019 Product Advisory


On November 22, 2019 the APA (American Plywood Association) published a “Product Advisory: Performance of Flexible Structural Sheathing” in their November APA Update eNewsletter. In this Product Advisory they attack the structural sheathing products industry. Prior to this APA advisory, SP-1172, which has essentially identical information, was published in October of 2015 and then republished as SP-1186 in July of 2018. We would like to address this product advisory and offer the following information so you can make an informed decision on your product purchases.

Who Is the APA (Stands For: American Plywood Association)?

The APA membership is comprised of members, whose mills produce the majority of the structural wood panel products manufactured in North America, plus a host of engineered wood products that include plywood, OSB,  glued laminated timber (glulam), cross-laminated timber (CLT), wood I-joists and structural composite lumber.

The sole purpose of the APA is to represent the best interests of engineered wood products in the building materials industry.

What the APA is Not:

Based on their own disclaimer the APA is not an accredited testing organization nor do they stand behind the results of their testing. “The information contained herein is based on APA-The Engineered Wood Association’s continuing programs of laboratory testing, product research, and comprehensive field experience. Neither APA, nor its members make any warranty, expressed or implied, or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the use, application of, and or reference to opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations included in this publication.”

Alternative Structural Sheathing Products: 

For over 50 years Alternative Structural Sheathing products have been accepted and used in the building industry accounting for more than 5,000,000 new homes.

Our Technical Product Evaluations:

Alternative Structural Sheathing products utilize professional third-party testing facilities that are licensed, insured and accredited within the building code industry. In addition, our 3rd party testing partner provides sealed engineering reports backing up all their test results that are applicable in all 50 states. We take great care and stand behind all of our published testing results which are available at

For additional information regarding the APA Advisory SP-1186 Click Here


One project engineer met the challenge of a remote jobsite by rethinking the materials.

As winter creeps closer and Telluride, Colorado, gears up for a 2019-2020 season of a predicted 371” of snowfall, contractors at Chandler Homes are relieved not to have the impossible burden of packing the ski lift gondolas full of building products for a new home on the slopes.

Situated in the Rocky Mountains, not far from the ski town of Telluride, this job site sits at 11,000 feet above sea level, accessible only by a rough, unpaved road four months of the year. Builders, owners, and other stakeholders such as DCI Engineers are forced to access the custom, single-family home by gondola for the remaining eight months, meaning the exterior work must be completed while the road is accessible.

Transportation issues are coupled with heavy snowfall–Telluride is covered with snow for 40% of the year–and high winds.

Initially, traditional OSB sheathing was slated to be used on the new build, with a weather-resistant barrier and continuous insulation added later. However, a process involving multiple steps didn’t make sense in a location that could only be accessed four months out of the year.

Ultimately, the engineer on the project opted for OX Engineered Product’s OX-IS insulated sheathing structural insulation panels. This 4-in-1 product met the code requirements for structural sheathing, continuous insulation, and weather- and air-resistive barrier performance.

Lee Bybee from OX Engineered Products notes, “At 11,000 feet, the weather is challenging to say the least. The engineer recommended using our product for the high shear and wind strength it provides. The insulated panel also adds to the required insulation for the wall and provides an easier environment to heat.”

Another advantage offered by the OX-IS product was its speed of installation. “That small window that the builders have each year to do construction on the exterior of the house, they really wanted something that could be installed very quickly. That’s where we shine,” says Bybee.

At only 1/2” thick, the structural insulation panels also dispel myths about strength. Bybee states, “The lightness is often seen as a negative on the front end and a positive on the back end. Once people understand the product does provide structural value, they like the fact that it’s much more lightweight and easier to handle and work with throughout the construction process.”

Being one third of the weight of traditional OSB, the structural insulation panels reduced transportation costs and allowed the builders on the Telluride project to haul product up to the job site much more quickly.

Builders and the clients also appreciated OX’s new, limited 30-year system warranty that comes with using the panels in conjunction with construction tape.

Faced with all of the challenges of the location, gondolas and dirt tracks included, having the system warranty built in brought practical peace of mind and allowed stakeholders to focus on getting as much done as possible before the onset of winter.